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Eliminate Social Media Stress • REACH MORE PEOPLE FOR JESUS • Grow Your Organization

Is Your Ministry Struggling to Reach & Engage New People Online?

  • Having a tough time managing Social Media?

  • Is Content Creation time consuming?

  • Tired of boosting posts not knowing if it’s working?

  • Want to reach new people?

  • Time to revamp your website?

  • Need help developing your Social Media Marketing Team?

Did you know that an average American checks their phone once every 12 mins? Up to 80 times a day!



Managing your ministry’s Social Media is a full-time job. We’ll save you time and effort by doing it for you.

With the rise of the online world, Ministries are now realizing the importance of using Social Media and Technology to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministries that have taken the challenge realizes that Social Media and Online Marketing is no easy fleet. It takes a well defined strategy with proven implementation techniques and best practices, to reach a new generation that otherwise might not set foot inside the local church. See how we save you time. →

sOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT + advertising /// campaign TIER

You want to reach new people locally. With technology, Our team will help you share the Gospel of Jesus to them.

What’s the point of spending lots of time creating and posting about messages in the bible, if we are not leveraging technology to get it in front of more people locally and globally. With new Social Media algorithms popping up every month, It is purely difficult for a thriving ministry to keep track. Here at Zion Digital, we are dedicated in sharing the message of Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere. Check out how we use technology to spread the gospel on Social. →

sOCIAL + web dIGITAL MARKETING /// full suite

You want to teach, train and equip people. We’ll help you build an online ecosystem that does exactly that.

Websites are often built like a travel brochure. Here’s the problem, when someone is given too much information they don’t end up doing anything. Currently, ministry websites are built for promotion. We’ll help build you a website that doesn’t scream promotions but instead shares the value and identity of your local ministry online. Thus, creating a thriving and unified community that is supported and equipped with the word of God. Learn more about our process. →

Ready To Maximize Your ministry’s IMPACT? Let’s Build It Together!

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